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Accounting and tax consultancy office
Privileged partner for your Belgian business

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Our Office

Our office is specialized in doing the accountancy and tax­consultancy for Belgian and foreign Companies (big and small).

According to this part of the site, we can tell that we have good notice of the consultancy in setting up daughter­companies or branches (or subsidiaries) of foreign companies.

In that way we can give the best information what is the most propriate way of setting up YOUR business in Belgium, the center of Europe.


In short, we give full service :

  • Analysing the necessities

  • Checking out the best place to settle your business

  • Receiving your people in Belgium (at the airport, on a place of your choice)

  • Once settled,

    • Doing your Belgian accountancy

    • Tax-advising

    • Salary-consultancy

    • Contacts with all the Belgian authorities


We are ONLY an accountancy­ and tax-consultancy-office !! We have NO strict connections with other (eventually commercial) companies !!!. In that way you have full liberty in doing your business and/or choosing your partners. Though for some of the services we can appeal to services of other most competent service-offices!

Your business in Belgium is given the best follow up. When entering Belgium, you won't stand alone !


How You can Reach us

Statiestraat 39 Moerbeke Waas, 9180 BELGIUM

  • With air plane:
    the best situated airports are Zaventem (Brussels) or Ostend or (better) the airport of Deurne (Antwerp = local airport); from there of we can take care of your transfert towards our office

  • With car:
    follow the high-way E17 till "Lokeren" or take the highway E34 (Antwerp-Zeebrugge) till Moerbeke Waas

Our office  is situated at ca.

  • 35 kms (22 miles) from Antwerp

  • 50 kms (31 miles) from Brussels

  • 57 km (36 miles) from the  Belgian seecoast

within the triangle  GHENT  ­­  ANTWERP  ­­  BRUSSELS